Building the business culture

  1. At Novaland, all members aim for one purpose: to build a world-class real estate group with a highly regarded Vietnamese brand name.
  2. All employees’ activities are based on the core values of “Integrity – Efficiency – Professionalism” and the application of the Code of Conduct in all aspects of work to offer customers the very best products and services.
  3. All employees have the courage to take on responsibilities, to ensure they work effectively, to sacrifice their personal interests, to commit for the common good because all of them know that the success of the Group will bring happiness and prosperity to the Community and help employees to enhance their own values through their affirmed jobs, income and job advancement.
  4. Building a passion for customer service with the motto "Customer First". Each of the Novaland Group members is responsible for bringing to customers the very best products and services.
  5. The Novaland Brand will be enhanced when Novaland completes its mission "we design and create advanced communities ". All employees understand that this is not an easy task, as it is a challenge to build better quality and better equipped residential complexes , a challenge that requires the whole team to coordinate effectively and continuously strive for mastery.