People Management

With the goal of building a healthy working environment, both physically and mentally, all Novaland members are able to develop their abilities and show their individuality. Novaland continually improves and enhances the working environment through specific actions:


  1. At Novaland, all members aim for one purpose: A leading economic group in Real Estates - Finance - Tourism - Infrastructure Development
  2. All employees’ activities are based on the core values of “Efficiency – Integrity – Professionalism” and the application of the Code of Conduct in all aspects of work to offer customers the very best products and services.
  3. All employees have the courage to take on responsibilities, to ensure they work effectively, to sacrifice their personal interests, to commit for the common good because all of them know that the success of the Group will bring happiness and prosperity to the Community and help employees to enhance their own values through their affirmed jobs, income and job advancement.
  4. Building a passion for customer service with the motto "Customer First". Each of the Novaland Group members is responsible for bringing to customers the very best products and services.
  5. The Novaland Brand will be enhanced when Novaland completes its mission "we design and create advanced communities ". All employees understand that this is not an easy task, as it is a challenge to build better quality and better equipped residential complexes , a challenge that requires the whole team to coordinate effectively and continuously strive for mastery.


Each corporation has its own culture. At Novaland, the Board of Directors and the Board of Management are responsible for taking care of the employees. Each employee is responsible for taking care of the customers through providing products and customer service. Novaland is a professional and highly consistent team. Behaviors must comply with this Code of Conduct. Everybody has a right to their own freedom but they must not affect other people. 

Proper conduct will preserve the Core Values of Novaland. Efficiency – Integrity – Professionalism will be the guidelines for all activities, assisting us in sustainable development.


The Novaland Group Leadership Center was established on 2 November 2016, and coordinated with the FPT academy to carry out a training plan for Nova Group. The center was created to develop and provide Human Resource services, talent management, employee quality consolidation, succession planning, ensuring Novaland ‘s teams operate efficiently. The center truly is a valuable asset of the Group. Investing in teams also improves the quality of products and services to customers.

 Board of Director of Novaland Group, Anova Corp và FPT Group attend NovaGroup Leadership Centre launching - on 2/11/2016

Chairman of FPT Institution - Mr Trương Gia Bình with his first lecture for MiniMBA class


Novaland’s remuneration policies follow high market standards and are comparable to current policies of other professional service firms.

Policies on awarding salaries, rewards, security & welfare, proper remuneration, empowerment, justice and transparence, are being developed in conjunction with internal Novaland Group projects by working with consultants to establish processing systems, such as KPIs, SAP, etc. The reward structure is based on the employee evaluation system and efficient working management. All systems aim to ensure sustainable development in order for Novaland to become the best workplace in Vietnam.


The awareness of ensuring a safe working environment is top priority. We recruit professional experts who are responsible for the whole operative management to ensure safety in the workplace and at Novaland’s construction and project sites.

Novaland employees have been trained in and are offered full and constantly updated knowledge on safety in the workplace, to ensure that employees understand how to keep themselves safe and do so at all times in order to uphold Novaland’s reputation.

A safe working environment contributes to improving the employee health and happiness index. Therefore, Novaland Group specially focuses on building their periodical health check, care policy and insurance policy, to make sure the Company’s working hours framework is appropriate to the specific jobs. The Safety and Health policies for workers are an essential part of risk management and Novaland Group highly appreciates the essential role of increasing productivity and employee spirit.