Risk management

Risk management is one of the top priorities at Novaland Group. Risk management is embedded in our day-to-day activities, across all business units and staff levels, to ensure the achievement of business objectives are aligned with sustainable development requirements. The effectiveness of Novaland’s risk management system has been quickly realized through the strategic partnership with KPMG, a prestigious global consulting firm. With on-the-ground guidance and consultation from KPMG, we have successfully developed and implemented a risk management system that satisfied the strict requirements of ISO 31000 and COSO 2004. All risk-related processes and procedures are tailored to Novaland’s business in order to achieve the best results.

Risk management is becoming an important part in our culture, “Risk-centric”. Through extensive training programs, we continuously remind and improve our people’s knowledge about risk-related aspects and ensure employees and employers of the Group comply with the requirements.