Brand Management


From the date of establishment up till now, the Novaland Group continuously puts effort into building Novaland’s brand name as a trademark of the commitment to quality products and services.

Positioning products in medium and high end segments, we always catch up with trends in social development, anticipate the customer’s needs to design and deliver highly successsful projects carrying the Novaland name to the market. Diversified real estate such as apartments, office-tels, commercial lots, urban areas, and resorts, have received the customer’s approval due to  the exceptional characteristics and specific capabilities.


Novaland Group always aims to build and implement marketing and communication strategies that are appropriate for the services. The Group has set up and applied the Novaland Brand Guideline to ensure compliance when using the brand name to marketing activities, and continuously works toward the brand’s enhancement and protection. The advertising and communication plans have always focused on planning, investment, and professional implementation, ensuring customers and shareholders are provided with accurate, timely and comprehensive information.


“Customer First" is built based on the awareness of each Novaland employee. We are always dedicated to take care of customers by providing suitable and high quality products at reasonable prices that are in line with our commitments. All aim at bringing the highest satisfaction to customers, and attaining the community’s trust so that Novaland can develop and become a world-class, prestigious Real Estate Group that practically contributes to the development of Vietnam’s community and society. 


In the spirit of our service dedication “Customers First”, Novaland constantly applies multiple customer care programs for customers, residents, shareholders, and partners, offering an abundance of diversified benefits. The Group has always worked together with its service partners to provide more add-on services to customers. The advantage of the office networking bases in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and the 11 sales offices in Ho Chi Minh City provide customers easy access to the Group's services and facilitate Novaland staff in giving efficient services to customers.

Novaland pays special attention to Building operations management. This is a difficult and complicated task that requires all employees to be patient and always to meet customer demand.

Novaland Group is dedicated to delivering high quality services to customers more quickly and favorably so that Novaland’s service products can be truly meaningful and help to “ brighten lives”.