On August 4th, 2013, Novaland Group was honored to receive the award "Famous brand in 2013" by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association and Journal of Intellectual Property & Innovation. 

Award "Famous brand in 2013" is to honor of the prestigious brand, with many achievements in production & business activities and positive contribution to the community, social and consumer trust. 

Speaking at the award ceremony, Novaland Group representative shares: "We desire to build a Vietnamese brand with the best quality products in the real estate field that develop strongly, contribute positively to the community, and bring the life of happiness and prosperity for Vietnam’s people".

(Ảnh: Đại diện Novaland nhận giải Top 10 Thương hiệu-Nhãn hiệu nổi tiếng 2013)
(Photo: Novaland representative receives Award Top 10 famous brand in 2013)

Along with this award, Novaland Group was also honored at the prestigious awards such as: Vietnam Strong Brand in 2012 and Top 10 Asian Heads Investor in 2013 (BCI Asia Awards 2013).These achievements are noted for the efforts of Novaland collective staff for many years and affirm brand as well as stature of Novaland which is increasingly strong, create confidence to customers.

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