On September 18th, the event marks the anniversary of Novaland's 21 year establishment (formerly known as Thanh Nhon Trading Co., Ltd founded in 1992).Through the period ups and downs, Novaland has steadily built a strong team to achieve certain results and be welcomed by the market and customers.

Desire for building Vietnam credible brand 

With determination to build a Vietnam credible brand, Novaland collective staffs implement the mission: "We developed the project not merely in the square meter of building but also contribution to create innovative humanities community, modern life style with many conveniences, thereby creating sustainably incremental living value for ourselves and for society ".And that is also the guideline for all activities of Novaland today. Besides the challenge from the market, Novaland is constantly striving to overcome the challenge of itself when setting the goal in the period 2011-2016 to provide 5,000 houses for Vietnam’s people. 

"That is not an easy goal because we know that the market today is the actual market, there is fierce competition domestic and abroad, which requires highly professional. Therefore, Novaland has identified to hold prestige and develop projects that fit the each client segment, train the professional team, control product cost at the lowest level, give competitive price but still retain good quality. Then, we are confident to overtake difficulties on long way ahead "- Mr. Phan Thanh Huy – Novaland CEO share. 

Sharing difficulties with clients


Sunrise City with nearly 500,000 m2 building floor was established in 2009 at the time of economic crisis, despite facing numerous difficulties with the determination to maintain credibility with customers, Novaland team has strived its best to continue and complete phase 1 of the project and put into use in July, 2012.


Sunrise City has completed phase 1 and is continuing to develop phase 2 and phase 3.

Difficulties are still ongoing, Novaland continues to develop phase 2 and phase 3 of Sunrise City. Other projects such as: The Prince Residence, Tropic Garden, Lexington Residence is also being pushed. By many measures and basing on the support of the Government's Resolution 2, Novaland has reorganized the team, switches to centralized management, increases professionalism in order to cut costs, keep the quality but lower price; Novaland has adjusted the design, remove unnecessary design incurred costs such as cutting out (Bay Window), adjusting to smaller apartments. About the sale, Novaland gives various programs of the promotion including the interest  expense for customers ... The selling price was nearly equal to product cost and supported by many customers as consistent with financial viability.

Development strategy and direction in the next 5 years


Mr. Phan Thanh Huy - General Director of Novaland shares: "Within the next 5 years, Novaland still focuses on the housing sector. Beside to the luxury apartments, we will expand the intermediate product line with a price between 18 and 25 million dong/m2, bulk sales at a very low profit. This segment has very high demand for staying and rental investment. To achieve this goal requires great efforts from Novaland team. 
After many years of business, we recognize that the most important thing is to keep credibility with customers. Customers are the valuable foundation and asset to bring success for Novaland ".

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