As a Real Estate Developer, attention is always given to the reduction of the environmental impact of the Novaland Group in all its business activities, such as investment, real estate development, property management, as well as office management. Monitoring the environmental impact through the efficient use of resources such as energy, water and noise reduction contributes to the long-term performance and sustainable development activities. Innovation activities have had a positive effect on reducing the impact of air pollution and have always been promoted and applied on projects, and is an indispensable element in the The Group’s business.

The activities relate to improving of environment - Ecolake  3ha - Lakeview City, District 2, HCM city


Certificate, evaluate by reputable organizations

+ EDGE Green Certificate: awarded to projects certified by IFC - World Bank Group.

+ The Orchard Garden Project is Novaland’s first project among a few Real Estate projects in Vietnam (6 projects) to be granted the EDGE Green Certificate 2016.

The achievement of the project will be the base for Novaland’s further development of similar projects in the future, to become a Sustainable Development Real Estate Group, contributing to environmental protection, and using resources effectively and efficiently.